Инвестиционные возможности

In Italy, investment in real estate continues to be one of the main features of financial activity. An amazingly large share of the population owns their own homes, and many purchase second homes for vacations. In addition many foreigners purchase real estate in Italy because of the attractive living conditions in many areas. For example, there are large colonies of foreigners living in Tuscany, Umbria, and the lake areas of northern Italy.

The value of real estate in Italy has given great satisfaction to investors as a result of the steady and often rapid increase in values. In recent years, the increases in values have been well ahead of rises in the cost of living. It may be expected that real estate values will continue to rise because of the strong underlying demand, both from domestic as well as external sources.

Obviously, for the purpose of investing in real estate there are various factors to be considered: In particular location is important. There will always be a market for the "show piece" properties and because of the dwindling availability of such properties their prices will continue to advance sharply. Another factor to be taken into account for the purpose of investing in real estate is the potential that the property might have for resale or for commercial use once it has been renovated.

There are still large numbers of properties for sale in Italy that are located in beautiful rural areas or in small hill towns that have been abandoned by the local residents who have moved to larger urban areas. These abandoned properties are often sold at very modest prices, and with renovation can greatly increase their values.

Throughout most of Italy, particularly in the centre and north, local administrations are awakening to the benefits of improving the attractiveness of their areas to encourage tourism and the expansion of local commercial and hospitality sectors.

There are a number of factors which make Italian property a good investment opportunity including:

  • Natural and cultural factors such as an abundance history culture and magnificent architecture
  • Stunning natural beauty and a warm climate
  • A wide range of recreational activities such as walking, beach holidays, sightseeing and skiing
  • No capital gains tax on profits provided not sold within 5 years
  • The ability to cut stamp duty from 10% to 4% by becoming a resident
  • Prices remain relatively low compared to other EU countries
  • Capital growth of up to 20% in some areas
  • Grants and VAT discounts offered to investors looking to renovate rural properties
  • An EU member country with economic and political security
  • Low cost flights with a flight time of only 2½ hours from the United Kingdom


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