Вероятные Цены и Финансы

Likely Costs

The cost of buying a property in Italy can typically be between 15-17% of the purchase price. In particular you will need to pay:

  • Purchase Tax: 10% of the declared price if the property is urban and you are non-resident in Italy, or 19% on agricultural property. This tax comes down to 4% if you are resident or say that you will become resident within 18 months of signing the final contract.
  • Notary's Fees: Typically 1 to 2.5% of the declared price
  • Bolli (stamp duty): 1% of the declared price
  • Estate Agents Fee 3% of the purchase price plus VAT of 22%
  • Legal or Surveyors Fees
  • Translation and Interpreter Fees if you are not an Italian speaker: around €1,000

We can help save you money on the translation and interpreters fee and recommend various trusted professionals and Notaries. Our fees are part of the local Agent's commission.

Financing Your Purchase

If you are not financing your purchase wholly from cash reserves or from the sale of a property at home then we can help you to get the best mortgage for your purchase. You have a number of choices available to you:

You can either get a mortgage in your Country of origin. In the United Kingdom many High Street banks are offering mortgages for property in various European countries.

Or you can get a mortgage based in Italy. The maximum loan to value for lending in Italy is 70% for non residents. The maximum term is 30 years with rates typically around 4.9% for variable rate mortgages and slightly higher for fixed rate mortgages.


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