Laatst Nieuws van Italië

Prime Property Sales Rise in Italy

12 November 2017 - Sunday Times

Property values in Italy have been declining for the past eight years and are now as much as 30% lower than at their peak in 2008. Buyers are cottoning on, and sales volumes have risen by 33% since 2013, according to Savills estate agency especially if you can find a property with a terrace or a view.


Prime Property Sales Rise in Italy

24 February 2016 - Property Wire

The prime residential property market in Italy has turned a corner with viewings and sales increasing in 2015, new research shows. The weak euro and a growing realisation that prices are at, or close to, their floor has boosted buyer confidence, according to a new analysis from international real estate firm Knight Frank.


Time to make a splash?

22 September 2014 - Financial Times Weekend Supplement

Italy’s lakes have long been a favourite location for International and domestic buyers looking for a holiday home or weekend retreat from the city. One of the most popular has been Lake Maggiore, known for its historic waterfront villas and historic gardens.


Time to grab a slice of La Dolce Vita

05 September 2014 - Financial Reporter

Italy has by no means escaped the effects of the global downturn which resulted in its longest economic recession in 60 years. Property prices have been on a declining trend for some time and have come down by 4.8 per cent since last year, according to Knight Frank, but it’s still considered as a relatively stable market when compared with other European countries. It was never heavily involved in the sub-prime lending market, nor has it suffered the effects of over-development.


Italian Property is Now the Third Most Popular in the World

27 May 2014 - Easier Property

Italian property is now the third most popular in the world, according to The property portal´s latest Top of the Props report reveals that Italy climbed two places to reach third in the April 2014 chart, receiving more enquiries than both Spain and Portugal.


Cash-strapped Italy selling Venetian lagoon island via online auction

14 April 2014 - The Globe & Mail

An island in the Venice lagoon, a 15th-century bastion against the Ottoman Turks and a former monastery on the southern coast are among prime properties Italy has put on an online auction for buyers from around the world.


Increase in Capital Gains Tax in the UK

22 June 2010 - BBC News

A new level of 28% for capital gains tax to be paid by higher rate taxpayers following the latest budget in the United Kingdom. Chancellor George Osborne announced the new rate in his Budget speech, but it was not as high as some commentators expected following extended debate about potential changes.


Health Card for Pets

3 December 2010 - ANSA.IT

If confirmation were needed that domestic animals are fully fledged members of Italian society, it has arrived with a new digital health card for pets. The card - valid for all pets especially Italian families' best loved four-legged friends, dogs, cats and rabbits - aims to help the authorities avert the spread of dangerous animal diseases by making it possible to set up a national pet-health data bank.


Bidding war as Clooney puts Lake Como villa up for sale

25 February 2010 - The Independent

George Clooney is selling his Lake Como property which has a £26 million asking price. The paparazzi who lie in wait on the shores of Lake Como hoping for a snapshot of a star received some disastrous news yesterday: George Clooney, who has had an exclusive €30m (£26m) villa there since 2001, is selling up, depriving the photographers of the area's most bankable celebrity. But hope is at hand in the form of David and Victoria Beckham, who are said to be locked in a bidding war to buy the property.


Buyers Bagging Bargains in Europe, but Italy Property, really?

9 June 2011 - Novrealty

The Daily Telegraph has just published figures from foreign exchange firm, which shows that British buyers are heading to Europe's distressed markets to snap up bargain properties, with Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Italy being mentioned as benefiting from the trend. However, in the case of Italy property it is entirely possible that something else is driving demand.


Italian Second Home Market Holds in 2011

7 July 2011 - Buy Association

The second home market in Italy has weathered the housing market quite well during the housing recession and is looking like an excellent opportunity for many overseas investors. Many have looked upon having a second home in Italy as a lavish expense, but property values remaining how they are and the current market show that this expense could prove quite the investment.


Madonna House Hunting in Verona

29 September 2011 - Italy Magazine

Just weeks after making disparaging remarks about Italy's politicians, Madonna is reportedly contemplating a move to Verona.


International buyers showing increased interest in Italian property

13 December 2011 - Ray Clancy

The Italian property market is likely to be buoyant in the first six months of 2012 as buyers from Russia, Canada, the US, Norway and Switzerland show an increased interested in real estate, it is claimed. According to Linda Travella, an Italian Property expert who has been selling property in Italy for 24 years, recent months have been the busiest for four years.


Italian Residential Property Market Stays Stable

19 March 2012 - Novrealty

A new Italian government headed by Mario Monti, a respected economist and former European Commissioner, has replaced the government of Silvio Berlusconi, who had dominated Italian politics for 17 years. Will it help Italy's housing market?


A Sterling Opportunity

22 April 2012 - The Sunday Times

As the pound strengthens against the euro, and prices across the Channel plunge, British buyers are returning to the Continent.


Livin' la vida loca! George Clooney shows Stacy Keibler around Lake Como

28 July 2012 - The Daily Mail

He only showed off his Lake Como home to girlfriend Stacy Keibler for the first time last month but George Clooney is already inviting her back for more as they showed up in the stunning region yesterday. The Ocean's Eleven star has whisked his blonde lady away for another Italian break.


Will New Tax Affect Italian Luxury Property Market?

27 November 2012 - The Oversees Guides Company

Worry has been expressed over how a new council tax introduced at the end of 2011, which came into force mid-way through 2012, would affect the luxury real estate market - who up until this point, had never been charged a tax on their property.


Italian Government Plans to Suspend Collection of Controversial Property Levy

29 April 2013 - Bloomberg

Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta said his plans to cut taxes for homeowners, consumers and companies will keep the budget deficit within European rules. The new administration will seek to avoid a scheduled increase in the value-added tax and suspend collection of a controversial property levy known as IMU, Letta said. He proposed reducing payroll levies and said tax breaks to favor the hiring of young people will also be considered.


2014 - The Year to Buy a Holiday Home in Italy?

29 December 2013 - Sunday Times

With its artistic, architectural and gastronomic heritage, Italy remains a dream location for the cultivated househunter, and prices haven't fallen anywhere near as dramatically as in Spain and Portugal.